Édouard Bénédictus   (1878 - 1930)

Bénédictus was a painter, composer, writer, and chemist. He began in 1897 as a binder, and then worked on the design of furnishing materials. He wrote an influential article in L'Art décoratif in 1912. He is also credited with the invention of laminated glass, or safety glass, which was subsequently used for the manufacture of car windscreens; he discovered the process by chance in his laboratory and took out a patent for it in 1909. (Encyclopedia Britannica 2011).

He knew Ravel as a member of the Apaches. Maurice Delage described him as "le Mage au savoir sans limites". (in Colette [1939], p.99].

Ravel's song Noël des jouets received its first performance at one of the Bénédictus musical evenings.