Ravel in Canada

Ravel's North American tour was conducted mainly in the United States, but he was doubtless pleased to include three Canadian cities in his itinerary, both for their French affinity and for the opportunity to make sight-seeing visits to places like Niagara Falls. His engagements took him to:

     Vancouver (14 February 1928)
     Toronto (18-22 March)
     Montréal (19 April)

Among the Canadian musicians with whom he associated were the Quatuor Hall Hart who played his String quartet at concerts in both New York and Toronto. And it was the Canadian singer Eva Gauthier who arranged the party in New York to celebrate Ravel's 53rd birthday on 7 March.

After Ravel's departure, some regrets were expressed among musicians and critics that his visit had not been better appreciated in Canada, especially in Montréal where surprisingly few people turned out to see him. (Léo-Pol Morin,in La Presse (Montréal), 21 avril 1928, quoted in Potvin [1988] p.162 - a useful article drawing together various documentation about Ravel's visit to Canada.)