Chansons madécasses

Three songs by Ravel, (written in 1925-26), to texts by Evariste Désiré de Forges Parny (1753 - 1814). They were written to a commission by Mrs Elizabeth Sprague-Coolidge, and are dedicated to her. The songs are scored for voice, flute, cello and piano (usually sung by a mezzo-soprano but baritones have also taken them into their repertoire). At the first performance (at the American Academy in Rome on 8th May 1926) the soloist was Jane Bathori.

The three songs are:

I. Nahandove
II. Aoua
III. Il est doux

When the songs were published by Durand in 1926, they were accompanied by engravings by Luc-Albert Moreau, the partner of Hélène Jourdan-Morhange.

The songs were first recorded in 1932, under Ravel's supervision, with Madeleine Grey singing.

The text of the songs can be found on the Lied and Song Texts Page.