Jacques Charlot  (d.1915)

Jacques Charlot was a godson and cousin of Jacques Durand (the publisher of much of Ravel's music). He was appointed as a lieutenant of infantry in September 1914, and he died on the battle-field in March 1915, at the age of 30. (Cahiers Maurice Ravel, no 14 [2011], p.101)).

Charlot received a thorough musical training from his family, and he undertook the task of making piano transcriptions from Menuet sur le nom de Haydn and Ma mère l'Oye.

Ravel dedicated to him posthumously the Prélude in Le tombeau de Couperin.

Debussy also dedicated to him the second piece in his En blanc et noir for two pianos (1915): "Au lieutenant Jacques Charlot tué à l'ennemi en 1915, le 3 mars".