Cinq mélodies populaires grecques

Five songs by Ravel (written in 1904-06), to texts assembled by M.D. Calvocoressi, originally for piano and voice. Ravel subsequently orchestrated two of the songs (Chanson de la mariée and Tout gai!), and the other three (Là-bas, vers l'église, Quel galant m'est comparable, and Chanson des cueilleuses de lentisques) were orchestrated in 1935 by Manuel Rosenthal.

The text of the songs, with English translations, can be found on the Lied and Song Texts Page.

Ravel wrote a sixth Greek song in 1909 called Tripatos.

The background to the writing of these songs and Tripatos is described in an article by Manuel Cornejo and Dimitra Diamantopoulou: "Quelques précisions sur la genèse des Mélodies populaires grecques harmonisées par Maurice Ravel: des dix mélodies initiales aux six mélodies éditées", in Cahiers Maurice Ravel, n°13 (2010) pp.149-192.