1899 - 1900:
Paris, 7 rue Fromentin

  1900 - 1901:
  Paris, 40 bis rue de Douai

From rue Lagrange, Ravel moved back to Montmartre and stayed with his family initially at two addresses close to the streets of his childhood, in rue Fromentin and rue de Douai. During the two years that he was here, he experienced his dismissal from the class at the Conservatoire (after failing to submit a satisfactory fugue), and made his first attempt to win the Prix de Rome.

7 rue Fromentin

40bis rue de Douai

Coincidentally, it was in the rue Fromentin (under its previous name of rue Neuve-Faintaine-Saint-George) that the Niedermeyer school of music was situated; Gabriel Fauré, later to be Ravel's teacher at the Conservatoire, was a student here from the age of nine until he was twenty; and he in turn was taught at the school by Camille Saint-Saëns.

1901 - 1904: Paris, 19 boulevard Péreire

19 boulevard Péreire (06/01) In 1901, the family moved further away into the 17th arrondissement, to an apartment on the major thoroughfare of the boulevard Péreire. Despite the less congenial surroundings, these were the years of Ravel's growing maturity and his first major works. He attended Fauré's classes as an "auditeur", he made four further attempts at the Prix de Rome, and he extended his social and cultural life in his meetings with the Apaches.

The works which were published and first performed in this period included Jeux d'eaux, the Quatuor à cordes, and the song cycle Shéhérazade.

The family's next move took them still further from central Paris, to rue Chevallier in Levallois-Perret.