(Jean-)Edouard Ravel   (1847-8.iii.1920)

Ravel's uncle Edouard was the youngest of five children - apart from his brother Pierre-Joseph, there were three sisters. Born in Versoix on Lake Geneva, Edouard remained in Switzerland for most of his life and latterly lived in Geneva. He became a successful painter and he was associated with the "École de Savièse". In 1878 he exhibited in Paris at the Salon des artistes français and he also taught at the École des Beaux-arts in Paris.

He painted historical and religious subjects, genre scenes, portraits and landscapes, and his works can be seen at museums in Geneva, Neufchâtel and Lille. He also made frescoes to decorate the Salle communale de Plainpalais in Geneva (see Cahiers Maurice Ravel, no 14 [2011], p.16, note 1). Examples of his work can also be seen on the Patrimoine versoisien website.

His portrait of Ravel's mother Marie Delouart held pride of place in Ravel's composing room at Le Belvédère.

Edouard's wife, Marie, died in 1919, and he died in the following year. It was partly with the help of a legacy from his uncle that Ravel was enabled to buy his own first home at Montfort L'Amaury in 1921.